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Complete Dentures in Downtown Wynne, Arkansas


Complete dentures provide a comprehensive solution for individuals who have lost most or all of their natural teeth. Unlike partial dentures or dental bridges, which address a few missing teeth, complete dentures offer a full restoration of both your smile and bite function.


The process of obtaining complete dentures typically involves extracting any remaining natural teeth, allowing the gums to heal, and then fitting custom-made dentures designed to replace the entire upper and/or lower dental arches. This distinguishes complete dentures from other tooth replacement options, which are typically designed to complement existing natural teeth.


Types of Full Dentures: Selecting the Best Fit


At Wynne Family Dental, we provide two primary types of full dentures:



    • Traditional Full Dentures: These removable dentures are crafted from high-quality acrylic and sit on the gums, secured in place by suction and adhesives. They present a cost-effective choice and can be adjusted or replaced as needed to accommodate changes in your mouth over time.


    • Full Denture Implants: For a more stable and permanent alternative, we recommend full set denture implants or full mouth implant dentures. This advanced option involves the surgical insertion of dental implants into the jawbone, serving as anchors for the dentures. Implant-supported full dentures offer enhanced stability, comfort, and a natural feel.


Full denture implants cost typically exceeds that of traditional dentures, many patients consider it a worthwhile investment due to the improved stability, comfort, and long-term advantages. 


For a detailed price list of our full denture options, including traditional dentures and implant-supported solutions, please feel free to schedule an appointment with our accommodating staff.


Full Dentures Pricing and Fabrication Procedure


The cost of full dentures, including extractions if needed, can fluctuate based on your chosen denture type and any supplementary procedures necessary. 


At Wynne Family Dental, we prioritize transparent pricing and offer adaptable payment arrangements to ensure this significant investment is within reach.


The process of obtaining full dentures generally encompasses the following steps:



    1. Initial Consultation and Oral Examination

    1. Tooth Extractions (if required)

    1. Healing Period for Gum Tissues

    1. Impressions and Bite Registrations

    1. Fabrication of Dentures by a Dental Laboratory

    1. Fitting and Adjustments to Ensure Optimal Comfort and Functionality


Feel free to reach out to our team for a detailed breakdown of full dentures costs and to discuss payment options. We’re committed to guiding you through every step of the process, ensuring transparency and affordability throughout your dental journey.


Pros and Cons of Full Dentures


As with any dental treatment, full dentures come with their set of advantages and disadvantages:




– Restore your ability to eat, speak, and smile confidently


– Enhance your facial appearance and prevent sagging


– Durable and long-lasting with proper care


– Implant-supported dentures offer superior stability and comfort




– Traditional dentures may initially feel bulky or loose


– Require dietary adjustments and speech practice


– Regular relining or replacement may be necessary over time


– Implant-supported dentures involve a surgical procedure


To witness the remarkable transformations achieved by our patients, we encourage you to explore our before and after gallery, showcasing the natural-looking results attainable with full dentures.


At Wynne Family Dental, our expert team will support you throughout the process, addressing any concerns and assisting you in making an informed decision regarding the most suitable full denture option for your lifestyle and needs. For those with busy schedules, we also offer same-day full denture solutions, enabling you to depart with a beautiful, functional smile after just one visit.

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